WordPress Website Crash Fix

Wordpress errors

There could be many reasons of WordPress website crash. we are going to share with you some common issues that can crash your WordPress website and how to solve them.

Sometimes plugins have conflict with each other and sometimes they are not compatible to php versions. for example ad inserter plugin is not compatible to php version 7.3 so for using it you will need to use 7.4 or 7.2 php version.

Updating or installing new plugins can sometime crash homepage or your admin page. newbies get worried about how to solve this?

First you will need to login cpanel > filemanager > public_html > wp-content > plugins folder and you will find recently installed plugin in that section. You can simply rename that plugin folder and it will be disabled from wordpress. your website will be online again.

Sometimes plugins can add unnecessary code to htaccess file present in public_html folder so you can manually remove it by editing them.

If you are facing any type of wordpress errors, you can share it in comments so we can provide you proper solution.


    • no minify plugin, extra and useless codes in htaccess, monitoring plugins, page views counter on option, no cache plugin, no wp smush plugin. large size files.

      These are the main things that could be the reason of slow load.


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