With IPad Apple Still Controls a Third of tablet market

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By continuing to develop its iPad models, Apple is currently leading the tablet market.

The competition having more or less given up on the ship for years, Apple has plenty of room to dominate and control the market.

If no one is there, why not take advantage of it?

Gone are the days when LG, HTC, Sony, Acer and even Google, to name a few, were fully invested in the touchscreen tablet market. Blame it on a hard-to-find audience, phones with larger and larger screens and less power to turn them into small computers.

But since everyone pulled out, a few brands have taken advantage. If Huawei, Lenovo and Samsung continue to try to succeed, it is Apple that dominates and controls the market. Refusing to stop innovation in the field, Apple has distinguished itself with high quality products, well thought out and especially partly intended for professionals. Although very expensive, iPads are examples on the market, like what iPods once offered.

The results are there: Apple has a 31.9% market share

According to IDC Corporate USA, which examines markets for networks, devices, applications and services, Apple is therefore No. 1 in the second quarter of 2021 (April-June).

Within their analysis, several data are presented: shipments in millions of units to N and N-1, market shares N and N-1, as well as a comparison of growth between the two given quarters. Everything remains subject to change, according to future statements from each company.

Unsurprisingly, Apple currently holds 31.9% of the market share, with 12.9 million tablets shipped. A slight decrease on the one hand, since in the second quarter of 2020 Apple held 32.1% of the shares, but an increase on the other, with 0.4 million more shipments.

The rest of the ranking is made up of Samsung (2nd, 19.6%), Lenovo (3rd, 11.6%), Amazon (4th, 10.7%) and finally Huawei (5th, 5.1%). The latter brand has also lost 53.7% growth compared to 2020. Interestingly, all of the other companies concerned by this comparison represent 21% of the market share, which is still less than Apple. Also note the absence of Microsoft and its Surface.

A point on Chromebooks

In its review, IDC also addressed the subject of Chromebooks. The market for these Chrome OS laptops continued to grow by 4.2% and its main representative is HP, holding 35% of the market share in the second quarter of 2021. Next are Lenovo, Acer, Dell and Samsung.


  1. It is a market where there is no real alternative. Not only does Apple meet the need, but they meet the additional demands. All the competitors are based on android, and we like it or not. Basically it is a niche already occupied.


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