Windows 11: with WinUI 3, Microsoft focuses on Win32 apps

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Surprising decision by Microsoft which seems to favor Win32 applications over UWP.

As Microsoft explains, Windows UI Library 3 – WinUI3 for those in the know – is ” a native user experience infrastructure that enables the creation of modern Windows applications .” Until now, it has been more readily associated with UWP applications. Until now

WinUI 3 and Project Reunion

Quoted by Windows Latest, Microsoft points out that WinUI is ” designed for today’s hardware and devices “. This is of course to take advantage of the famous fluent design and give a more modern side to the entire user interface.

Logically, WinUI 2 constitutes the second generation of the effort made by Microsoft to modernize interface, controls and styles while WinUI 3 intends to go further. From the outset, it was also a question of providing the tool “ independently of the Windows operating system ”. Microsoft then wanted universality.© Windows Latest

In fact, there was no longer any question of focusing on UWP applications specific to the latest Windows operating systems. As its name clearly indicates, Project Reunion had to concern UWP applications as much as Win32, Windows 10 platforms as much as Xbox, Hololens or IoT devices.

UWP is not dead … well not yet

Today, Microsoft seems to be reviewing its way of thinking and if universality still seems to be set aside platforms, it is different in terms of application. During a Discord exchange , Ryan Demopoulos, responsible for the WinUI program, did not go there with the back of the spoon:

“ At this time, I don’t know when or if WinUI 3 will be stable and supported for UWP. We have no plans to do so at this time or in the near future. But neither have we decided internally that we never will. Simply, we don’t have any such plans today and as we are anticipating about 6 to 12 months in advance, no plan for the year to come. 

If the movement is surprising given the support Microsoft has given to UWP applications, it is now clear that the focus is on Win32 applications. The goal is to ” make WinUI 3 functional for Win32 developers “. To see if, in the long term, this does not mean the gradual end of UWP applications either.


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