Tesla Saved Drunk Driver from Accident

tesla drunk driver

So this is how Tesla saved a drunk driver from accident. It’s a funny scene to say the least that recently took place in Norway. A 24-year-old man, obviously drunk and asleep at the wheel, avoided a potential accident thanks to his Tesla’s Autopilot, which stopped the car on the side of the road for him.

First spotted by other road users, the car and its driver were finally checked by the police. If the Autopilot has once again proved its worth, this does not however exclude the major problem which is that the driver must always remain in control of his vehicle.

Tesla Autopilot shines on Norwegian highway

Even if this fact makes it possible to highlight the technological progress relating to autonomous driving, it is a behavior which, we never cease to remind, is necessarily to be prohibited. According to information provided by local police, a young 24 year old Norwegian was spotted on July 31, sleeping at the wheel of his Tesla Model S .

Of course, it can unfortunately happen to doze off while driving, which can be prevented by taking a nap beforehand. However, in our case, the individual was also drunk and therefore not fit to return home. Spotted in the left lane of a motorway by other road users, the driver in question appears dozing in a video posted by the TESLA_saves_lives account. The latter regularly shares content on the lives supposedly spared by the technology developed by Tesla.

We see the electric vehicle moving forward autonomously, before it manages to stop on the emergency lane, in a tunnel, as reported by the Norwegian police. We don’t know how long Autopilot took control of the vehicle, but it cleared the driver’s way to the side of the aisle, avoiding a potential fatal accident.

The piloting assistant does not relieve the driver of his responsibility

The driver’s unconsciousness when an individual knocks on the window of his vehicle, without reaction on his part, illustrates a much more serious problem, in addition to that of taking the wheel in a state which does not allow it and which puts endanger other road users.

As Electrek notes , several drivers of Tesla vehicles equipped with the Autopilot caught in the act of driving under the influence of alcohol have invoked the fact that this pilot assistant is driving for them and thus relieves them of all responsibility.

In reality, every driver must, and in all circumstances, remain in control of his vehicle, regardless of whether or not it is equipped with such technology. For now, the young Norwegian in question has had his license confiscated by the police.


  1. At the same time, the autopilot had put its turn signal on the right to fold back but was blocked by the driver who kept on his right to film: another completely aberrant behavior

  2. I, who am normally against all these driving aids which I believe make drivers stupid and irresponsible, I admit that this time I am amazed. The autopilot probably saved a life.

  3. Uh no, I see him stop in the left lane in this tunnel. Fortunately there was not a lot of traffic, otherwise it could have been a big hit


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