Starlink reportedly partnered to install land station in UK

starlink photo

This is good news for Brits who want to subscribe to Starlink satellite internet service. According to The Telegraph , an agreement has been reached with the authorities of Great Britain to allow the establishment of a land station on the Isle of Man.

Once the necessary license has been acquired, Starlink would be able to cover the entire British territory, in line with SpaceX’s ambition to offer an efficient service on a planetary scale since September 2020.

Starlink sets out to conquer Albion

Elon Musk and SpaceX want to continue their momentum to allow more and more people in the world to have access to their satellite Internet offer called Starlink. After having worked with the German government in particular to provide high-speed Internet access in rural Germanic territories last May, it is now in Great Britain that the firm intends to establish itself on a long-term basis.

Thus, according to information from the very serious The Telegraph , an agreement was found between the competent London authorities on one side, and SpaceX on the other, to facilitate the deployment of Starlink throughout British territory. England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales would thus benefit from obtaining the necessary license by SpaceX to build a ground station on the Isle of Man. It is an autonomous territory located in the Irish Sea, an ideal location between the various British Isles.

The main objective of this measure, in addition to acquiring new market share for Starlink, is in particular to offer an efficient Internet service for the rural areas of the north of Great Britain, which are not, as they stand, neither connected to fiber nor even able to benefit from 5G.

Starlink’s satellite Internet deployment continues

Starlink already has two land bases on British territory, one in Buckinghamshire, north-west London, and the other in Cornwall, including Cornwall. The service will in particular compete with OneWeb, in which the government of Boris Johnson recently invested after the known bankruptcy in March 2020. Two satellites of OneWeb and Starlink had also almost collided in March 2021, an accident narrowly avoided.

This nevertheless recalls the real satellite constellation that turns overhead, while SpaceX plans by 2027 to have a fleet of around 42,000 satellites (!) In order to best cover the planet. For the time being, Elon Musk’s firm claims more than 500,000 subscribers worldwide. Subscription to the Starlink service currently requires 99 euros per month, not counting the approximately 500 euros to be invested in the equipment required to access the Internet network.


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