SSD benchmarks are coming to 3DMark

ssd benchmarks

UL adds a new stone to the 3Dmark edifice by allowing it to come and measure the performance of our SSDs .

While we talk a lot about the interest – or rather the lack of interest – of an ultra fast SSD (PCIe Gen 4) compared to a more traditional SSD (SATA or PCIe Gen 3) for what is in video games, UL is looking into the issue by updating its famous measurement tool.

Measurements in ” real conditions “

As UL explains, its new tool is designed for measurements, but it is less theoretical than the other benchs . To do this, it measures the load times of three games ( Battlefield V , Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 and Overwatch ) from launch to arrival at the main menu.

Storage Benchmark then records a gameplay sequence in 1080p on Overwatch via OBS, installs The Outer Worlds from the Epic Games Launcher, makes a save on this same game and, finally, copies the Steam folder of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive from an external SSD to the system drive.

Of course, 3DMark then makes it possible to compare the results obtained with those of a few “reference” products. UL also points out that the tool requires an additional 30 GB of disk space to operate. The Storage Benchmark is already available as DLC (€ 2.39) for 3DMark.


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