Netflix and PlayStation hand in hand to counter Xbox Game Pass

Netflix and PlayStation

The video game industry could undergo significant changes in the weeks and months to come. Indeed, Netflix intends to embark on gaming. And to carry out this mission, the SVoD giant is about to join forces with a major manufacturer in the sector …

And this manufacturer is obviously Sony Interactive Entertainment!

A project with bite

Recently, Bloomberg claimed that Netflix will be launching into video games soon. The streaming platform would plan to open a gaming section in its catalog, but without increasing its prices. The outlines of this initiative are still unclear, as we do not know if Netflix intends to produce its own games and / or to partner with different publishers.

Thanks to the data mining carried out on the iOS application of Netflix, the editor-in-chief of The Tap Drive has lifted the veil on unpublished information by unearthing four distinct visuals. Thus, the project centered on the video game at Netflix would have the code name “ Shark ”, or “  Requin  ” in French (you never know…). Internally, the initiative would even be represented by a logo showing a shark fin. But there is even more interesting!

A new way to enjoy PlayStation games

The dataminer also picked up a visual of Ghost of Tsushima and another showing two PlayStation 5 controllers (see the tweet above). So Steve Moser explains that Netflix would simply have contracted with Sony Interactive Entertainment in order to launch its video game category. But, apart from these images, nothing comes to prove this rumor at the present time. We can also wonder about the nature of this hypothetical partnership.

Does Sony plan to release its games directly to Netflix? Will the PlayStation Now service be included in the app? It is still too early to tell. But it is clear that such an association seems promising… at least on paper!


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