Microsoft: a Cloud PC presented on July 15

microsoft cloud

Microsoft’s desktop virtualization project is therefore about to make its debut.

Decidedly, this year 2021 promises to be particularly busy for Microsoft, which seems decided to turn the page on the anemic 2020. Thus, after announcing Windows 11 , the publisher is about to deploy its Cloud PC, which we do not do not wait for several more months.

A Windows desktop used remotely

Sometimes known under the code name “Deschutes”, the Cloud PC project that has been trotting in the head of Microsoft for a long time is to be compared to the French-speaking Shadow, except that there is no question of focusing on the game.

Powered by the Azure platform (who else?), The Microsoft-style Cloud PC is presented as a virtualized desktop in the form of a service that will allow customers to use “thin” devices to access a Windows desktop remote, and which will obviously be packed with Microsoft solutions, such as the famous Office.

See you on July 15

Rumors had once hinted at a possible announcement in the spring. Which was ultimately not the case. Now it seems that Microsoft is planning to take advantage of the Inspire conference to unveil its desktop virtualization project.

Neowin points out that on July 15, a session called What’s Next in End-User Computing will be held there . To introduce it, it is about the “ new cloud solution from Microsoft to allow hybrid work ”. It’s hard not to see a reference to the Cloud PC, and all the ingredients therefore seem to be gathered for such a presentation. We will of course not fail to discuss all the details, if there is any announcement.


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