Intel to manufacture chips for Qualcomm

intel qualcomm

Qualcomm will take care of the chip design that Intel will manufacture with its Intel 20A process.

Mentioned in March by Pat Gelsinger on his return to the head of Intel, the new development program of the American company insists in particular on the rise of the Intel Foundry Service . The principle is simple: Intel seeks to make its production capacities available to partners. Third-party companies design the chips and Intel then manufactures them.

Fruits from 2025

While for the moment these were only declarations of intent, Pat Gelsinger was able to confirm a first major partnership during the Intel Accelerated webcast organized just yesterday.

Besides, it is not just any partner since Qualcomm will trust Intel for the production of the next chips… even if we will have to wait before seeing the thing materialize.

Indeed, Pat Gelsinger specified that this agreement with Qualcomm relates to the exploitation of the Intel 20A process which should not enter production before 2025… a year when Intel intends to take back a strong leadership.

On its 20A process, Intel will introduce a new transistor architecture (the RibbonFET) and a new interconnect (the PowerVia) to stand out from the competition.


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