Intel takes market share from AMD, according to latest Steam stats

intel vs amd stats

Have the gains of the last few months completely wiped out?

As every month, Steam publishes the results of its ” survey on the hardware “, which takes stock of the details of the configuration of users of the famous video game platform. An interesting spotlight on the level of equipment of the players.

Intel again above 71%

For several months, without it being possible to speak of revolution, we have witnessed a comeback of AMD. The promoter of Ryzen actually stole a few tenths of a point of market share each month from its long-standing competitor, Intel.

Last May, Intel even had, for the first time in years, fallen below the 70% market share mark. However, this situation turned around in June with a relatively brutal comeback: 71.58% market share for Intel against 28.41% for AMD.

It will obviously be necessary to observe the trend over the coming months, bearing in mind the relative lightness of these Steam surveys: they are based on strict voluntary service and therefore could not constitute a precise photograph of the situation.


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