How to install or Update Windows 11

windows 11 upgrade

This article will show you how you can install or update to windows 11. Many users are facing bugs and issues regarding upgrades. Specially windows 10 users are not looking happy as there is no direct way to install windows 11.

Let us make that easy for you.

Requirements for Windows 11

First question that comes in every person mind is, Can my system run Windows 11 or not. To find this out you can visit microsoft official website and download PC health check app. This app will show you exactly that your Pc hardware is compatible for upgrade or fresh installation.

Common Error in PC health check App

Most users are getting error “Your Pc is not compatible to run windows 11”. Reason of that is TPM 2.0 and for solving this you will need to go to Bios and enable TPM option. Different motherboards have different sections to enable TPM so you can check documentation of Motherboard. After that you will see message that windows 11 can be installed with green tick mark.

Upgrade windows 10 to windows 11

Currently microsoft have not started to rollout windows 11 update for all regular users but yes, it is available for beta testers. Not all features are provided in beta version but still its best version as we have tested it ourself.

For upgrading you will need to join Microsoft insiders program.

  1. Go to settings of windows or type insider in search bar and you will see insider program option.
  2. Join insider program with your Microsoft ID.
  3. After Successfully joining you will be prompted to select from 3 different options of beta testers.
  4. Click on Dev option and save it.
  5. Go to windows update section and click check for updates option.
  6. In few seconds it will start showing windows 11 update available.
  7. Windows 11 update size is almost 6 to 7gb.
  8. Update may look stuck sometimes but its working in background so it may take 1 hour or more in some cases.

Common issues in windows 11 upgrade

Mostly users face errors like “cannot start windows insider program, something went wrong”. if you face this issue then

Go to Settings > Privacy > Diagnostics & Feedback and make sure Diagnostic data is set to Full option

If you see this error “Sorry, we aren’t able to talk to our services right now”, all you need to do is go to windows settings > accounts section and uncheck automatically login Microsoft related ID option and go to insider program again. it will be fixed.

If you face any other issue, leave us a message in comments section so we can guide you. Good luck!


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