How to Change the Language of Your WordPress Website

Step 1: Setting the Site Language

The first step is to set the language for your WordPress website.

  • Go to your WordPress Dashboard.
  • Navigate to Settings > General.
  • Scroll down until you see the Site Language dropdown menu.
  • Select your desired language from the dropdown menu.
  • Click Save Changes at the bottom of the page.

Step 2: Installing a Language

If your desired language is not available in the dropdown menu, you will need to install it.

  • Go to Dashboard > Updates.
  • Scroll down to the Translations section and click Update Translations.
  • Go back to Settings > General and select your newly installed language.

Step 3: Changing the Admin Language

If you want to change the language of your WordPress admin panel without changing the language of your website:

  • Go to Users > Your Profile.
  • Scroll down to the Language dropdown menu and select your desired language.
  • Click Update Profile.

Step 4: Using a Multilingual Plugin

If you want to make your website multilingual, you can use a plugin like Polylang or WPML.

  • Install and activate your chosen multilingual plugin.
  • Follow the plugin’s instructions to translate your website’s content.

Step 5: Translating Themes and Plugins

Some themes and plugins come with their own language files. If you want to translate these:

  • Install a plugin like Loco Translate.
  • Navigate to Loco Translate > Themes or Plugins.
  • Select the theme or plugin you want to translate.
  • Follow the plugin’s instructions to translate the theme or plugin.

Remember, changing the language of your WordPress website can greatly improve the user experience for visitors who speak other languages.

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