Google will block authentication on Android Ginger (2.3.7) and previous versions

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Time passes and the versions of Android follow one another. However, Google cannot ensure the proper functioning of its first versions indefinitely, which is why devices equipped with version 2.3.7 (Gingerbread) or all those preceding it will no longer be able to access Google services at the end of the month. next.

Android has changed a lot since its beginnings in 2008. Ensuring the proper functioning of old versions of the operating system is increasingly difficult for the Mountain View company, which must deal with constantly evolving standards.

A decision that does not date from yesterday

From next September 27, Google will require at least Android 4.0.1 to be able to connect to Google Play services such as the Play Store, Maps or Gmail. The company justifies this decision by stopping security updates that could endanger users’ Google accounts if they log in if credentials are compromised.

Sundar Pichai’s company initiated the end of Gingerbread support in 2017 by making this version of Android incompatible with versions of Google Play after 10.0.0. Google had estimated that only 1.3% of devices used this version of Android in 2016.

Browsers and custom ROMs to the rescue

All is not lost if you use a device incompatible with Android 4.0. Browsers seem in fact spared by Google, which still allows connections through them to access web applications.

ROMs are also a viable solution, although a little more complex to implement. These unofficial versions of Android are compatible with a large number of devices, but require research and time to be installed on your smartphone . Finally, Linux ports for our cellphones are also available on the Web for those wishing to give up Android.


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