Firefox lost 50 million users in three years

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The number of Mozilla Firefox browser users continues to plummet. A trend that has been confirmed month after month, especially for the past three years, with 50 million fewer users.

According to the latest data from the Statcounter site , Firefox still occupies third place in the ranking of popular internet browsers, with 3.45% of the market share. It remains neck and neck with Microsoft Edge and its 3.41%.Read also:
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Alarming statistics for three years

The information comes to us from the official Firefox database and could not be more telling. From 253,877,800 users on January 28, 2019, Mozilla’s web browser fell to 197,874,100 users on July 26, 2021 (latest measurement). This represents a dry fall of 56,003,700 people.

The foundation specifies that the data fluctuate depending on holidays and international events. But even comparing January 2019 and January 2021, the drop remains significant with 35 million fewer users.

Monthly active users of Mozilla Firefox between 2019 and 2021 / Mozilla Firefox

The same trend is observed in France. The number of users has thus increased from nearly 17 million in January 2019 to 11.2 million in July 2021.

Oddly enough, the average desktop Firefox user used Firefox for 5 hours a day in January 2021. This is an hour more than their 4-hour daily use in 2019. In France, the average also increased by 4 hours per day. , 4 to 5 hours a day.

A decline in favor of Chromium browsers

Google Chrome remains the most popular solution with 65% of the global market share. But, in recent years, alternatives have emerged, adopting a posture similar to Mozilla concerning the respect of private life. We obviously think of Brave , which claimed 25 million active users in February and constant growth.

At the same time, Microsoft has (finally) managed to produce a powerful browser, close to Chrome while providing some welcome features. Edge has been a serious competitor (Chromium) to Firefox, with similar market shares (3.45% for Firefox, 3.41% for Edge) for over a year.

Last June, the foundation tried to give its browser a boost by embracing a new graphical interface, with a much more refined design. But it will take more perspective on the data of recent months to measure the real impact …



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