Firefox 90: new private browsing tools and seamless updates on Windows

firefox 90 photo

Firefox 90 is here: an update that focuses on performance, privacy and adds several improvements to the browser.

Mozilla announces the availability of the Firefox 90 update for all users on July 13, 2021. Here are the changes made by the update.

SmartBlock 2 in action

On Windows computers, browser updates become transparent and apply in the background when Firefox is not running.

In addition, Firefox 90 allows PDF documents generated through the print tool to maintain functional hyperlinks. The browser also offers to manage exceptions in HTTPS-Only mode through the about: preferences # privacy interface.

Another new feature is version 2 of the SmartBlock function, which further improves confidentiality and respect for private life when browsing. Facebook scripts from third-party sites in particular are blocked to prevent systematic tracking. But when a token is used to connect to a service through Facebook, the scripts are loaded as quickly as before.

Goodbye FTP

As previously announced, Firefox no longer supports the FTP protocol from now on. A technology which has gradually been put aside and which is definitively abandoned today after having rendered proud services for many years.

Browser performance should improve for some users. Machines that are not compatible with WebRender hardware acceleration will now be entitled to software WebRender, the latter seeing its performance improve in the process.

On the interface side, the “Open image in a new tab” action will now open the media concerned in a tab in the background by default, the user will no longer be automatically directed there.

And, as always, the update comes with a number of security patches that address known vulnerabilities.


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