Fall Guys season 5: should we still fall into its trap?

fall guys season 5

Last week Fall Guys , the battle royal in Dragibus ™ sauce, offered new content with the release of its fifth season . Yes, five seasons already, the “containment game” has come a long way since its release on August 4, 2020.

If he was on all the twitch channels when it was released, it quickly became more discreet. However, the players are still there and the rooms of 60 people fill up very quickly, in particular thanks to the arrival of new “material” on a regular basis. So, in season 5, do we (re) play it?

After the knights, the snow and the space, it is in the jungle that we find our multicolored snowmen. Here, no lasers and faked gravity: say hello to the rivers of trampolines, temples and inflatable palm trees! Mediatonic has put the package on the color, for fluorescent maps that amaze us. It’s beautiful, it’s funny, but does it work?

Water lilies-trampolines and rhino battles

Functionality more than appreciated, the game offered during the first days a mode containing only the new tests, in order to be in total discovery. Tropical Spin and Tilt Tree are fairly classic for Fall Guys , since they are typical of the obstacle course. Often occurring at the start of the game, however, they require time to learn to master them, and therefore constitute a real challenge. The first, for example, offers a series of trampolines, which you can literally fly over … provided you are smart.

Some events are more innovative in their concept. It’s heavy has a little taste of Intervilles : rather than cowhide, it’s big pink rhinoceros that rush at us in an attempt to push us into the void. Bubbles that accumulate is also quite well found, with a large play area populated by fans, bouncing balls and inclines, where bubbles appear to pop.

But the star event of this new season is the Lost Temple . A large labyrinth presented by Mediatonic as the most ambitious test since the creation of the game. The path is full of traps and false doors that do not open, enough to make the most zen of players lose their minds.

Finally, the Penguins Pool Party uses a system already put in place in the past, within a map with a very pleasant aesthetic. Overall, the events are pretty, fun, and represent real challenges. But they lack boldness compared to previous seasons. Season 4 for example, offered areas with tampered gravity. The second season featured trials with movable platforms to move around, allowing for the worst of deviousness. Here, we lack new original mechanics, which would give the game a real boost.

Tell your 59 friends!

Who says new season says new events, but also new features. This update adds Duo and Private games. The first is very useful when you are playing as a couple, for example, or you only have a few friends who play Fall Guys. Recall that until now it was already possible to create a team of four people.

The second on the other hand requires to have at least twelve participants to function (and always sixty maximum). It will therefore be more useful for streamers for example, who can create games exclusive to their community. A feature to bring the game back to Twitch? Possibly! The streaming service can be a real bonus for losing games. And while everything is going well at the moment, Fall Guys cannot afford to be short of players, since it operates on the principle of the battle royal.

The level rewards, specific to this new season, are contrasted. You probably won’t be tricky to get the Rider Costume, available at level 36. On the other hand, you might fall in love with SPELUNKY’s costume !

Fall Guys season 5: JVFR’s opinion

Is this fifth season a good excuse to come back to Fall Guys if you had dropped it a bit since its release? Let’s say it still adds new content to a game that casually renews itself regularly. The game will soon blow its first candle and has already offered four big updates, not counting the mid-seasons. In addition, the trials of previous seasons do not necessarily fall into oblivion, since we can find them over our classic games. Realizing the potentially repetitive aspect of the game, the team also bet on random elements. You are in the middle of a sprint on a test that you know by heart and PAF: a giant hammer, where there has never been, mows you in your tracks.

With in addition to new social features, Fall Guys is a good entertainment, which knows how to surprise and renew itself. This new season is a good reason to relaunch the game if you haven’t touched it for several months. Who knows, maybe you could get hooked?

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout – Season 5

  • A really nice aesthetic
  • A memorable final test
  • Real challenges
  • Unattractive level rewards
  • No really innovative mechanics in the new events


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