Facebook thoroughly on NFTs: its current projects have leaked

NFT photo

Meta, Facebook’s parent company, has plenty of ideas for exploiting NFT technology .

The Financial Times was able to speak with several sources having knowledge of the projects of Meta (ex-Facebook) concerning the famous Non-Fungible Tokens which are talked about so much.

NFTs will land on Facebook and Instagram

One of Meta’s first areas of work would be to allow Facebook and Instagram users to display the NFTs they own on their profile page. By integrating a function directly on social networks, NFTs would benefit from much better visibility.

Meta would also aim to develop a tool to help users create NFTs. Internally, the possibility of launching a marketplace to freely buy and sell tokens would also be discussed. It is easy to imagine that such a service would ensure that Meta generates high revenues by charging commissions on transactions.

Amidst all this, Meta could be using its Novi digital currency wallet . This still takes the form of a pilot project available only in the United States and Guatemala, but many of its features developed or under development take into account NFTs in their physiology.

Twitter has already drawn an NFT feature

The Financial Times adds that all of these features are still in an early stage of development, and Meta’s plans may change by then. We should therefore not expect any concrete announcements in the coming weeks.

Still, this information is not surprising. Mark Zuckerberg said he wanted to fully embrace NFTs when he announced the Facebook group’s name change to Meta .

For its part, the rival Twitter already allows you to choose an NFT as a profile image , while Coinbase has just launched its platform dedicated to NFTs . Such options on Facebook or Instagram would then truly open up the world of NFTs to the general public, which is still not very permeable to this trend at present.


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