Even in China, Huawei is no longer among the top 5 smartphone sellers

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According to the latest IDC analyzes, the Huawei brand is no longer among the top 5 smartphone sellers in China.

The ranking is now dominated by a trio of Chinese manufacturers, with a certain Apple in ambush.

Huawei relegated with “the others”

The research firm IDC (for International Data Corporation ) has just delivered its latest results for the smartphone market in China in the second quarter of 2021. This period is dominated by Vivo, which takes 23.8% of the market. , with growth of 23.6%.

source @gsmarena

The podium is completed by OPPO, with 21.1%, and Xiaomi, with 17.2%, which benefits from an increase of 47%. Apple comes in fourth, with 10.9% (+ 17%), followed by Honor, with 8.9%. A ranking from which Huawei is totally absent and relegated to the “ Others  ” section  . In the first quarter of 2020, Huawei led the same ranking, with 24.3% market share.

Remember that this same Huawei will formalize tomorrow its new P50 series, which will have a photo sensor with an intriguing design to say the least..


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