DLSS on Xbox Series? Microsoft is recruiting

DLSS Xbox series

Microsoft To Build Its Own AI-Powered Resolution Upscaling Solution For Xbox Series X Consoles | S.

NVIDIA was the first to enter the race with Deep Learning Super Sampling , followed by AMD and its FidelityFX Super Resolution , and even Epic with the Temporal Super Resolution . Microsoft’s turn to make a contribution, according to two recruitment offers, respectively for a senior software engineer position and a senior software engineer for graphics.

A high framerate in 4K on Xbox Series soon?

This is currently the main obstacle facing new generation consoles, whether it is the Xbox Series X | S or PS5 : concessions must be made to offer games in 4K. Often this involves the division by two of the sacrosanct 60 constant images per second.

Microsoft has understood this and therefore seems to take the lead in recruiting specialized engineers to offer its own resolution upscaling technology for the Xbox Series. If we are to believe the job offers, it will go through machine learning , and therefore through AI, as NVIDIA already offers with DLSS.

To do this, the Redmond firm is ready to make the DirectML API available to its future engineers, a real pool dedicated to machine learning , powered by DirectX 12. The initiative therefore has a certain potential and could, let’s be crazy, exceed NVIDIA at its own game, and at the same time gain a serious lead over Sony on this generation of consoles.

Technology exclusive to Xbox consoles?

We have seen it in particular with the integration of DirectStorage and AutoHDR, which will also make their way on PC via Windows 11 , Microsoft still has two audiences in mind when it comes to gaming.

If for the moment the work on this resolution upscaling technology seems mainly to target the Xbox Series, it is not impossible in the long term that it will make its way on the PC. Of course, this market already has many pre-existing solutions, where consoles are currently less well off.

However, it will be necessary to show patience before seeing the results of these recruitments, which could give the competition the time necessary to crack its own solution.


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