Chagall AMD’s next Threadripper line, launches in August

AMD's next Threadripper line

A few months after evolving its Ryzen, AMD is preparing to apply the Zen 3 recipe to the Threadripper.

Rather discreet in recent months, the Threadripper range is therefore preparing for a notable evolution, since if we are to believe the last rumors of the hallway, AMD is considering a launch next month.

64 Zen 3 cores and 128 threads

It will logically be a question of putting the Threadripper series 5000 on the market, the main characteristic of which is obviously the switch to Zen 3 cores. With the code name “Chagall”, this new range should thus offer an increase in the number of instructions. per cycle of 19%.

Rumors even suggest that AMD will instead use Zen 3+ cores on its new Threadrippers. The number of cores / threads remains at 64 and 128 respectively on the most ambitious model. On the other hand, if the L3 cache memory remains at 32 MB, it is a question of unifying the 2x 16 MB of Threadripper series 3000. In addition, the inter-chip global memory interconnect – or xGMI for the intimate – goes from 16 at 18 GT / s.


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