3,800 PS4 illegal mining farm dismantled in Ukraine

Bitcoin mining farm ps4 ukrain

It is possible to mine with almost any material, but the question of profitability still arises.

The Ukrainian Secret Service (SSU) has released photographs of their latest operation: the dismantling of an illegal facility in the town of Vinnytsia, roughly 200 kilometers southwest of the country’s capital, Kiev.

3,800 PS4, 500 graphics cards, 50 processors

Why talk about such an operation on Clubic? Because the facility in question would be a mining firm turned to the crypto-currencies . Installed in an old abandoned warehouse, the case would have managed to feed illegally on the electrical installations of the city.

In the photographs published by the SSU, we discover an impressive quantity of approximately 5,000 pieces of equipment distributed as follows: 3,800 PlayStation 4, 500 graphics cards and 50 processors . The presence of so many consoles is also surprising.

Surprisingly, the countless saturated racks of PlayStation 4 are that until now consoles have never been used for cryptocurrency mining. Hackers have certainly shown that it is possible to mine even with a Gameboy, but never with a PS4.

Interest of the PS4 for mining?

Problem, beyond technical feasibility, the operation must still be of some interest. So, Tom’s Hardware points out that mining with such components usually involves very high memory bandwidth, which the PS4 does not have.

Through its 8 GB of GDDR5 clocked at 5.5 Gbps and interfaced in 256-bit, the PS4 has a bandwidth of 176 GBps. The PS4 Pro reaches 217.6 GBps thanks to a rate of 6.8 Gbps, but remains far from the Radeon RX 580, one of the queens of the mining with its 256 GBps.

Our colleagues specify, however, that the documents presented by the SSU evoke an illegal installation which stole the city’s electricity: we can bet that the electrical efficiency of their installation was clearly not the priority of minors.



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